Sudhansu Himansu Blog


Sudhansu-Himansu are born to a pair of brilliant musicians of Odisha and, thus, are introduced to music and its intricacies at a very early age. Their mother, Srimati Malati Panigrahi, and father, Rajakishore Panigrahi, are two very popular and respected personalities of the region. Their inspiration comes from the wide array of music that they are exposed to, starting from the traditional folk songs of Odisha to ghazals and new-age electronica.

Sudhansu Sekhar Panigrahi received his initial training in Indian classical and traditional music. He has studied medicine as a career and is also the author of various books.His innovative experiments are rich in ambient electronica, acoustic folk, electro-ghazals and classical music. Blessed with a music that’s smooth and soulful, Sudhansu has managed to carve a niche for himself as a versatile composer. He is a writer, a singer, a painter, a harmonica and a keyboard player.

Himansu Bhusan Panigrahi is a guitarist and composer throughout his career. He is an alumni of Trinity and Rockschool. The strings of his guitar have found place in both traditional and western music tracks of various albums, movies and television channels across India. Besides having 18 years of experience in playing the guitar, he is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, keyboard, piano, a singer, an arranger, a composer, a painter, a writer and a sequencer.

Sudhansu-Himansu are regular composers for the All India Radio and various television channels. They have gifted the Indian film industry with numerous albums and films. They are also the joint director of Srujanee school of music.